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Progressive Pennsylvanians-GoodFruitGrower Feature

As the farming industry keeps changing, we too have to change. Mt Ridge has been pushing the last decade to try to keep up with the ever changing demand of the Apple industry. We were featured in the Good Fruit Grower, in May of this year. Check it out!

"Orchard Facelift"

New Age Farming

The article goes in deal about the things we are trying to do to keep up! Not only are we always looking for new mechanization of the farming processes but more efficient and effective planting styles. Apple varieties are always ever changing and evolving too! We have planting several new varieties in the last few years and unfortunately have even had to top work some of them.

Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork

With everything these days, if it isn't written down it didn't happen. And with that, the paperwork and office side of farming has also had to evolve and change. Fortunately, Mt Ridge found a local database developer who has helped the farm adapt to the new regulations and requirements. As recording keeping demands increases, Mt Ridge is investing lots of time and efforts in finding ways to utilize their database to track all the documentation.

As our farm grows, we try to stay grounded with the meaning of why we do what we do! The challenges continue but the passion thankfully has maintained. Looking forward to seeing the farm continue to grow through the next future generations.

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