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About Mt. Ridge Farms

We are a family-owned and operated wholesale fruit farm, located in beautiful South Center Pennsylvania​, Adams County area. As a 5th generation farm we have grown and progressed into one the top growers in our area. Producing a variety of apple and peaches. Farming approximately 650 acres in the rolling hills of Biglerville, Pennsylvania.

As progressive growers we are always looking for the next new thing to try. We are planting high density, investing in irrigation and always looking for new varieties to test. Currently we grow approximately 7 varieties of peaches and  40 apple.


Here at Mt. Ridge we care for our operation like we care for our families. Fruit farming is our livelihood and we work everyday to improve and provide. Making our operation one we take pride in and hope the future generations do too! 


As a family operation all hands are on deck to get the job done. Our customer work directly with us. No operators, Middleman or Hoops to jump through. We are a tight knit family on the farm and all our workers know us and we know them! 

Mt. Ridge Farms' History

The family farm has many years of history growing and transitioning into what it is now. The fruit farm industry is a progressive industy and Mt. Ridge Farms strives to keep up with the times. 


Glen Allen Slaybaugh, known as GA, was a hard working local farmer of the Adams County area. This year he decided to make the life changing decision and invest in buying Mt. Ridge Farms  from the original owner Elyis Huffman. Elyis Huffman bought Mt. Ridge Farms at the turn of the Century in the 1900s. Mt. Ridge Farms started out producing a variety of crops, raising cattle and tending to the original 40 year old apple trees.


In this year Mt. Ridge Farms invested in their first newly planted apple trees. Between rows wheat or corn was planted making use of all the land. At this time Richard Slaybaugh, son of GA Slaybaugh, moved his family into the Mt. Ridge Farms' farm house. Here Richard, also known as Dick, worked daily on the farm tending to all the crops for .75 cents per hour. 


Changing over hands. GA Slaybaugh decided to hand off the family-operated farm to his son Dick Slaybaugh. At this time the Slaybaugh's had an operating nursery where trees were sold for .65 cents per tree. Plantings during this time was roughly 40x20, averaging about 54 trees per acre. Spacing trees ~ 20 ft a part from one another, allowing for both the water tank and spray tanks to fit side by side in one row. In the following few years plantings began to progress to 20x20 spacing allowing for ~ 100 to 180 trees per acre. 


Mt. Ridge Farms becomes incorporated. The farm invest in their very 1st sprayer tank for the orchards.



In this year, Dick and his wife Jean passed the farm over to their son and his wife, Steve and Judy Slaybaugh. Passing the farm legacy allowed for many more Slaybaugh generations to continue progressing the farm into what it is today.


In this year, Steve and his wife Judy passed the farm over to their son and his wife, David and Wendy Slaybaugh. The Mt. Ridge Farms legacy could continue. David became active President, and began running the farm, while his father Steve continued to work on the farm. Blake, son to David and 5th generation, became active Vice President.



In this year, Blake's wife, Terra, was welcomed on to the farm. Becoming a part of the family business and helping in the day to day with Wendy, David's wife, in the office.

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