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PENNLINES-Magazine Article

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

In farming collaboration with others is critical. As the fruit industry changes we have learned to adapt and change as well. In the last 5 or so years, Mt Ridge has teamed up with a gentlemen by the name of Mike Constantino, with Noble Orchards Software Solutions. Together we developed and created 2 software solutions custom for our farm!


In May 2023, we were featured with our developer in the PENNLINES Magazine, giving a brief summary of how it all came about on Page 24,25,26. CHECK IT OUT!!


Noble Orchards

Noble Orchards Software, is the system we have been using for several years now, to track and handle the shipping/sales end of the operation. This database helps our organization to record and track every bin of fruit that leaves our farm. Not only can the system collect the data, but it can report it out too! What's data without the reports, right?

Within the system we have custom designed reports that fit our needs. Reporting production, sales, and much more! These reports have saved our business so much time. We have come far from tracking everything in excel, to now electronically tracking it all! With this system we have customize it to fit our needs and we are always throwing the ball back in Mike's court to help design, develop or improve the system as the industry standards and requirements are ever changing.


Noble Spray

Noble Spray Software, is the second system we designed with Mike in order to help track our spray applications for our farm. Again, moving from spreadsheets to databases! The farming

industry has change dramatically in the last 10 years and tracking all aspects of the operation is necessary. With this new system we can record our spray applications, inventory, pesticide background data and so much more! The devil is in the details these days. Requirements are becoming strict and having all the ins and outs of your spray records documented and recorded is a must. With Noble Spray, we have been able to do so. And as the times change and the industry evolves, We are sure, we will continue to work with Mike to deign and develop more!

Collaboration is Key

As the story goes into the article, we were lucky enough to find Mike at a time when we are ready for change. Now we have a working relationship that continues to grow and ideas of how to make the Fruit Farm industry easier is always on the table. We continue to push Mike and his team to customize and

develop more and more features within his systems to continue to meet the farming industry's needs. What's to come next? Check back soon to find out what else we have in the works!!!!

PO BOX 346 WINDBER, PA 15963
PH: 814-467-6693

Pennlines Article written and photos taken by- Michael Crawford

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