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Updated: Apr 1

On March 19, 2024 more than 70 apple leaders and growers gathered at Capitol Hill and Mt.Ridge Farms was one of them!


Our Office Manager, Terra Slaybaugh, along with several other growers and apple leaders traveled to our Capitol Hill in D.C. for USApple's annual Fly-in.

Terra had the opportunity to educate Congress about pressing and urgent issues in our industry like the need for an Ag. Labor Reform and some of the other Farm Bill priorities. Terra advocated not only for us, but the apple industry in whole.

As the wife of an apple grower, Terra, is

impacted first hand by all the changes that have taken place in the apple industry these past years. She understand better than anyone, the necessity that our industry has for an Ag. Labor Reform!

In conclusion, we were very proud and honored that Terra represented Mt.Ridge Farms at Capitol Hill but even more proud that she had the opportunity to bring attention to some of the issues we face as apple growers.

We hope everyone can come together and make the necessary changes that our

industry needs!


The Pennsylvania delegation with House Agriculture Committee Chairman GT Thompson (R-PA).

Photo credits to USApple's.

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