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Young Grower - January 20, 2015

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Our Vice President, Blake Slaybaugh, was featured in the Good Fruit Grower Magazine as he interned in Washington State. Check him out giving a great overview of Mt. Ridge Farms, and discussing how beneficial the Washington Internship is.

What it's like to grow in PA

Our VP goes on to say what the conditions are like growing fruit in PA and the struggles we face growing good quality CLEAN apples. Explaining the overall different climate and weather patterns Washington State experiences vs Pennsylvania.

What have you Learned?

Good connections is KEY! Blake explains that he has learned a lot from the Internship program out in Washington and the he made many great connections. "They like to show young farmers how to grow and progress."-Blake

"Feel the Pressure"-Blake

Blake, goes on to discuss some of the pressure that comes along with working for family and being the 5th generation of the family farm. Going on to state he does't mind the pressure, he and is always looking to progress his family farm.

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