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Outstanding Fruit Grower 2017-ACFGA

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Featured is our President, David Slaybaugh, being presented with the Outstanding Fruit Grower award by Adams County Fruit Grower Association.

Who are you?

The article goes on to describe David, his background in apple farming, the history behind the farm and much more!

The Future of Apples

David was asked where he feels the apple industry is headed. He explains his thoughts on robotics and the way of the future. Describing what Mt Ridge Farms is doing to keep up with the times. "He feels strongly that robotics are on the horizon and all of his new orchard plantings are being trained toward the fruiting wall system in anticipation of robotic harvesters." Dave.

Mt. Ridge Jump Forward

In the article David explains two large investments his operation has done to stay progressive. "Since 2015, two of the most exciting investments at MRF have been the GPS self-propelled tractor used for precise orchard planting and the self-steering harvesting platform. Both have saved a lot of time and labor."

Check it out!

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