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Mt. Ridge Farms

High Density Apple Plantings
Premier Honeycrisp Apple

Premier Honeycrisp

This 21 day early Honeycrisp was founded on our farm in the Summer of 2015. Tasting identical to the beloved Honeycrisp that is well known, this early variety is ready for picking early August.

Mt. Ridge Farms is a family-owned and operated wholesale fruit farm, located in the beautiful rolling hills of Adams County Pennsylvania. Five generations of apple farmers have worked hard for our business. Originally starting in the early 1900s as a cattle and small crop farm, Mt. Ridge has grown into one of the top apple growers in the local South Central PA region. Planting and growing on more than 650 acres of a variety of apples and peaches. Mt. Ridge Farms is progressive in the East cost apple industry investing in new test varieties, state of the art equipment and planting high density.

Crate of Peaches
High Density Trellis Apple Orchard

“If we had a Honeycrisp that would ripen that early, it would be a pretty big deal,”... “Imagine if we can double the number of days in which we can harvest a good quality Honeycrisp." - Mt. Ridge Farms




At Mt. Ridge Farms we strive to be a progressive grower, always looking to expand, grow and improve our business. Growing with the industry allows us to stay competitive and provide the best quality fruit to our consumers. 


Being a family business is all about teamwork. Learning each other's strengths and weakness, and placing our employees in a position they feel confident in. Giving 100% effort everyday is our promise to our employees and our customers, 365 days a year. 


We don't just grow apples and peaches, we grow quality. Every apple and peach we pick has been carefully tended to from root to fruit. Assessing our trees starting at day one. At Mt. Ridge Farms our fields are taken care of just as well as we take care of our families because this is our home.

Meet The Team

dave slaybaugh-mt ridge farms president

David Slaybaugh


Blake Slaybaugh

Blake Slaybaugh

Vice President

Wendy Slaybaugh

Wendy Slaybaugh

Secretary / 


terra slaybaugh- mt ridge farms

Terra Slaybaugh

Administrative Assistant

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